Wednesday, December 28, 2011

10 Million Charity Miles - your vote counts!

Message from Frank Devlyn
Past President of Rotary International  
Vote every day thru Dec. 31 to support 
Rotary as the #1 Service Organization 
Dear Rotary Family:

I have seldom if ever asked the Family of Rotary to vote for an outside of Rotary Project but when I see a reliable airline like United/ Continental involved I have to take note.  

If we get moving and vote every day, from each browser, computer, and mobile device that you own, plus spreading the word with our contacts we will get a chance to get part of the 10 Million Charity Miles as mentioned on their site to vote, between now and December 31, 2011 here: 

When you click on the link  you will see a bunch of symbols and the Rotary Wheel should be included for you to click on to vote for Rotary.  

Viva Rotary!

Frank Devlyn
Past Rotary President of Rotary International (and long time RGHF member)

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