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 The Foundation (Presentation D9940 District Assembly May 2013)

On 30 September 2012 there is going to be a global water fundraiser to help clubs raise money so they can participate in Water Project Grants.
When the clubs raise the money they can then decide what water projects to support. Clubs can find their own projects or contribute to ones that already exist around the world.  This project is driven by Rotarians passionate about helping the less fortunate to have clean drinking water 

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Run4Water encourages Rotary and other service groups to be involved in a global activity on 30 September to raise funds for Water Projects.  These activities could be a 'walk', a 'run', a 'climb', a 'hike' or even a 'motor bike rally'.  How about a 6 km walk carrying 6 liters of water in a backpack.  Some Clubs are staging 10km runs while others  are combining forces with other Clubs and doing less adventurous projects.  But all is happening globally on 30 September.
This will not only provide Clubs with a n opportunity to raise funds for Water Projects, but also to increase their profile in the community.

The passion of George Lewis ("The Waterman" from Florida) has inspired many people to become involved.  He writes:
We are organizing a huge Global Water fundraiser so Rotary Clubs around the world can raise money for Water Grants. It will be a Run/Walk in September. We hope to raise $1,000,000.Please let me know if you have an interest in participating. We also need District Champions who will help promote this event in their Districts. Take a look at us on Facebook, Rotaryglobalrun4water and also on our web site.
Thanks for your support.
The Water Man

We will raise money so we can support Rotary Water Grants which will help supply clean drinking water to the less fortunate people around the world.

Listen to the passion of one Rotarian who is playing his part to improve the quality of lives for many.  Is this not why we are Rotarians? 

An endorsement from Carolyn Crowley Meub
Executive Director of Pure Water for the World)
“What a  splendid opportunity to have fun, increase awareness about the world water crisis, and help raise the funds for those who live without clean water! And you do not have to leave home to get involved.

The global water crisis is brutal in its consequences.  Diarrheal  diseases – usually caused by drinking by unsafe water or lacking improved sanitation - is a leading cause of death of young children. These deaths can be prevented.  It  takes the work of many to provide clean water to the 900 million people who live without, and to the 2.5 billion people who do not have adequate sanitation.  We, as Rotarians, are doing our part. And you can too – get involved.”

Carolyn Crowley Meub,
Past District Governor – District 7870
Executive Director of Pure Water for the World

Carolyn was recently honored as one of ten US Rotarians honored at the White House as a “Champion of Change” 

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