This page will contain links to all the available Public Image resources and periodicals which can increase Districts and Clubs to become more effective in the use of all forms of media.
(additional resources will be added progressively over the year)

Check below for information on:
1) Rotary Video Magazine
2) Membership on your Web site
3) Blogs worth following
4) Rotary soon to go Android!
5) Theme Graphics and much more
6) TV Advertisement for 0800 4 ROTARY
7) Presentations on Public Image (prepared by RPIC in Zone 4 and 6a)
8) Effective Public Relations Guide
9) Low Cost Banners
10) Skype Riviera - enabling you to tape Skype for later broadcast! 
11) Camtica - another useful resource 
12) PR D9940 Presentation
13) Doing Good in the World - presentation 

RVM1) Rotary Video Magazine
How better to promote the image of Rotary to your members and to your community.
Go here to view the library of videos.
Think - how can these be put into the community?  What about sending these into schools, show them in shopping malls.
Here is an example - click here...

Make No Small Plans EN from Rotary International on Vimeo.

2) Membership on your web site
Is it outward focussed like this one?
A simple, clear messge inviting interest.  See link here...

3)  Blogs worth following:
The Blog at is receiving a rapidly growing readership. The reasons are as mentioned in the recent RDU newsletter email in that a Blog and the Rotary Down Under magazine helps:

  • Raise member awareness and interest in Rotary
  • Directly contribute new ideas for fundraising and projects
  • Motivate event and project organisers to use PR more effectively which means better project outcomes
  • Provide a source of good news stories that create interest among prospective members and Rotary supporters

4) Rotary soon to go Android!!
New free Rotary Club Locator iPhone app available

You can now search for a Rotary club with RI's free iPhone app. In the Apple app store it's called the Rotary Club Locator from Rotary International. The app also will soon be offered for Android phones. 
If you have questions or feedback, please let RI know by e-mailing the Contact Center at
5) Theme graphics and much more

Get the theme logoand other graphics for the new Rotary year.
Find information that will help club committee members and officers strengthen clubs.
Welcome our new RI president, Kalyan Banerjee, and read more about him.

6) TV Advertisement for 0800 4 ROTARY

     7) Public Image Presentations

    As a means of providing ready made Presentations to District Public Image Coordinators and other Trainers I have created a website containing presentations on variety of Rotary subjects for free download with all rights unreserved and placed at the discretion of Rotarians.

    Surendra Seth
    RPIC Zones 4 and 6A

    8) Effective Public Relations Guide 
    Read the publication by clicking here ... 

    9) Low Cost Banners
    Just announced: Low-cost outdoor banners boosts sales for all businesses.

    Forget about heavy, bulky and expensive banners at around $500+ from the local sign shop - now you can order lightweight outdoor banners for just $109 direct from the manufacturer. That's a a full 3-metre long outdoor banner printed with your design of words, in your choice of bright colours, and delivered free to your door in days.

    And it's not just the low price that's attracting all businesses, but also the simplicity of designing and ordering. Just a few mouse clicks on the manufacturer's innovative website to see exactly how your finished banner will look - with your design of words, banner lengths from 3 to 8 metres in a range of bright colours, and with free delivery to your door in Wellington.

    Whilst it is the corporate signwriting that presents the image of a business, it's the additional temporary signage that can really put a fire under sales promotions - these outdoor banners do this quckily, easily and effectively.

    Outdoor banners continue to be a powerful marketing tool, highly cost-effective because each banner 'flags down' your easiest potential source of business - those already walking or driving by. Outdoor banners always were - they just got expensive and therefore got forgotten.

    And now inexpensive outdoor banners are back, direct from the manufacturer to your door, and ideal for sales promotions and advertising special events...

    Read about strategies for designing and using outdoor banners on a special page purely for all businesses at

    Or to go direct to the manufacturer's Design & Order page to see photos, full information, prices and to design and order your own outdoor banner, go to

    10) Riviera for Skype (Call Recorder)

    Riviera for Skype is a Skype call recorder. It automatically records Skype calls and conversations to MP3 files.
    Very convenient for recording interviews, tech talks, conferences, audio casts, pod casts for learning later, etc.

    Skype Call Recorder

    Click here to download Riviera for Skype 

    11. Camtica - another useful resource

    We are all about creating the best possible image for Rotary.  We do this through our personal contact but also through our web sites and Face Book pages.  How about having the ability to create professional screen recordings, presentations, tutorials and more. You can record any desktop activity with voice, webcam and animated mouse clicks. The resulting video can be saved in various formats including AVI and WMV.
    It’s easy to use as one, two, three.
    To find out more go here:
    And here is a link to download Camtica 4.3:
    I plan to use this software to create some educative tutorials on Blogging in the not too distant future.  Should be fun!!

    12) PR D9920 and 9940 Presentation (District Assembly)