Communication Gems

This page of the Blog will be a great source of 'parting thoughts' and sayings that have been found in various Rotary and non-Rotary publications.  Send me your favourites.... 

"What you get by achieving your goals is as important as what you become by achieving your goals"  Henry David Thoreau

What are your thoughts about what Rotary is......

Rotary is non-political
Rotary is non-religious
Rotary is for men and women
Rotary is for all ages
Rotary means friendship with a purpose
Rotary changes lives
Rotary promotes peace
Rotary supports our community
Rotary is AWESOME
Rotary means business
Rotary is fun
Rotary supports young adults
Rotary promotes health
Rotary gives a helping hand
Rotary develops leaders
Rotary promotes vocations
Rotary cares for the aged
Rotary embraces humanity
Rotary fights Polio
Rotary is for volunteers
Rotary has integrity
Rotary serves others
Rotary is relevant today
Rotary welcomes new members
Rotary reflects diversity
Rotary is a caring service organisation
Rotary is international
Rotary saves lives
Rotary restores dignity
Rotary is voluntary
Rotary is 1.2 Million Rotarians
Rotary meets regularly in our community
Rotary is trusted
Rotary is you and me
Rotary is active world-wide
Rotary gives us guidelines (4Way Test)
Rotary is what you make it
Rotary makes you feel good
Rotary saves sight
Rotary is a gift
Rotary is needed
Rotary cares

Rotary gives disaster-aid support
Rotary gives humanitarian and education grants
Rotary supports international youth exchange
Rotary supports ambassadorial scholars
Rotary supports business study programmes
Rotary supports child medical research

Rotary encourages leadership
Rotary supports young people
Rotary encourages vocational networking
Rotary supports the South Pacific
Rotary gives to the community
Rotary – End Polio Now
Rotary – members welcome
Rotary – Humanity in Motion
Rotary promotes child health
Rotary cares for community