Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Are you Rotary? Really? YES WE ARE AND PROUD OF IT

We have all heard of it.  We have all seen it.

The Rotary project where no-one coming along knows it is a Rotary project.

Not your club I am sure because you all look the part in your club polos, hats or aprons and everywhere people look there are Rotary banners and more.

And at other times your members are no doubt proudly wearing their Rotary pins. 

Such is the power of the Rotary emblem ... we too often underestimate its importance.

So, for your Rotary emblem needs there are new contact details to change in your address list as the supply of these is brought back in-house at Rotary Down Under:

RDU Supplies (licensed Rotary brand distributor)  (website being created)
Toll free from NZ phone 0800 287 682  / +61 2 9633 4888
PO Box 779, Parramatta, NSW 2124, Australia

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