Wednesday, October 28, 2015

How's that? Which would you choose?

Burleigh Heads Rotary recently had a superb project in Nauru and that will soon receive some well deserved publicity but what we want to illustrate is the impact possible from the way you present your photos.

They could have done what far too many Rotary projects do and take a boring line up that does nothing to inspire ... here is what that would look like:

This is good for record keeping or as a momento but not for publicity that excites.

But Burleigh Heads Rotary are far too experienced at getting great publicity so what they really took was this:

No wonder they get so many people 'on side' and helping their projects ... a 'six' every time from this exciting club.

So next time you take a photo at a project think about how you can make this interesting for your readers.
Show the sweat, not the cheque. 

If you are donating funds, no line-ups or cheque presentations ... instead get a photo of what the money bought being used. 

And show faces please ... backs of heads and part obscured faces are hardly inviting.

Remember the specs:

  • minimum 300kb but preferably much higher-res quality (send the full sized photo as it came off the camera as 5 MB can be cropped to make an even better photo that 300kb)
  • action oriented
  • close up 
  • be creative - think of the audience
  • Faces, faces, faces 
  • Send as an ATTACHED picture file in jpeg ... do NOT embed in the email or a document
A good photo trumps anything else in getting publicity ... the text of an article can always be improved but a poor photo is always a poor photo.

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