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This page will contain information to assist Clubs and Districts to launch into the use of Social Media.It is effective, simple to use and above all, at no cost!!

Using:  Blogs; Face Book; Twitter, LinkedIn

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In a recent Face Book posting on Rotarians on Social Networks Fellowship (ROSNF) was the following:

3:02am Jul 3
I join the others in thanking Simone for the outstanding charter chairperson she is. Your hard work and dedication has firmly established this fellowship on a solid foundation. Kudos to Simone. I also like to welcome the inspiring leadership of Don, our ROSNF Chair who will lead us this year. Don had worked very closely with Simone during our charter year and even in the provisional year. So it is good to
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have continuity and consistency in building upon the firm foundation in the early years of ROSNF. I urge members of ROSNF now to play the most important role of a fellowship - participation and sustainability. You can help us build up ROSNF by actively participating and giving us positive, creative & constructive inputs to breathe life into ROSNF. Let's work together and make it happen! Just Reach Within To Embrace Humanity through Social Networks too.