Wednesday, November 18, 2015


At Rotary Institute in Nelson, RI Director Elect Noel Trevaskis stated that the majority of those who leave Rotary comment that "we know no more about Rotary than when we joined".

This lack of knowledge about Rotary means that they did not know how, or have the confidence to, become engaged.

Yet there are in place some ready tools and opportunities that any club can make known and available to their members.  Let's consider a few in brief:

Rotary Leadership Institute (or if you like 'Rotary Learning and Information'):  This provides an understanding of the breadth about Rotary along with an understanding where Rotarians can go for more information to add a depth of knowledge as they have a practical need.  New Rotarians (and many longer-serving) have found this absolutely invaluable in helping them become engaged and enthusiastic in Rotary to the delight of their clubs who are always wanting members to take the lead on projects and to invigorate the club with new ideas.

District Training events .... obvious... say no more.  Other than there has been a huge amount of work using Rotarians who are professional trainers to ensure the delivery of Rotary training is excellent so if you have members who went to district training a few years ago and either it was "a waste of time" or they have "been there, done that" then they may wish to go again or at least not discourage others who would benefit from going, from going.

MyRotary has a huge resource that is designed to educate Rotarians about specific roles and the various programs and aspects of Rotary but who want to do this at their own pace.  This ranges from information pages through to actual learning modules.

The options just keep coming ... what about the many free newsletters that members can subscribe to and have delivered straight to their Inbox.  Many are tailored to assist people in specific roles and as such are incredibly useful, and can be unsubscribed from at any time.  From a personal development perspective, many have information that members can use in their business and personal lives.

... not to forget our new-look and very well thought of Rotary Down Under magazine!  You haven't read it lately then do so as you will find it is quite changed from this time last year. Most Rotarians who are serious about their Rotary at least skim thorough this each month and often will pick out an item or two they will read in full.  Even a few might read it cover to cover but they would be rare but that is not the point ... just picking up a fact here or interesting point there makes us all better Rotarians, so for that fact alone it is worth members taking the magazine out of its cover.

Then of course clubs can use the magazine and any other Rotary source to slip the odd fact into the club meeting ... switched-on Sergeants know the value of this to extract a few coins from those who cannot answer facts turned into questions!

And there is more.  Clubs NEED to encourage and assist members to learn about Rotary but equally, individual Rotarians from their first day in Rotary have an absolute right to go to RLI, district training, look at the website and more.

We all know the above but it is only those who actually DO the above who are succeeding in creating vibrant clubs.  So what about it ....

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