Monday, April 9, 2012

Causes not Clubs

Director Stuart Heal writes:

"I returned home from that invigorating meeting just in time to walk in the Cancer Society “Relay for Life”. As you know my younger brother died of cancer last year and I was determined to walk for him and to support my Rotary Club as most members were walking or on breakfast duty during the 24 hour walk. The breakfast roster was shared between the Lions and Rotarians. A great example of “community first”. We live in a small village of about 4500 people yet an estimated 2000 participated one way or another in this great event and over $130,000 was raised for the cancer society. I watched families, work teams and community groups all supporting the CAUSE.
There is no doubt our society has become more supportive of causes than clubs and the response this weekend reinforced that in my mind. That is why I tell people I belong to Cromwell Rotary... no mention of a club at all. To see our members working in the community was awesome and I fully expect there will be participants from the Relay for Life already asking how to become part of Cromwell Rotary. Is your Rotary visible in your community or is it a club stuck in a meeting mode? Sadly too many are still controlled by the caterers requirements and meals.
The revitalisation plans will need to address this and more. The way Rotary is seen in your community is over to you. Are you happy with the public image of Rotary in your region? If not, do something about it."

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