Sunday, April 15, 2012

Scams target Rotarians

Be aware of a fraudulent email aimed at Rotarians claiming to be sent from the Rotary International Registration office. The email scam claims that the Rotary Foundation has agreed to sponsor 98 Rotarians to go to the 2012 RI Convention in Bangkok, Thailand. 

The email asks recipients to send their information to a Hotmail email account associated with an RI registration office. Please disregard and delete this fraudulent email. 

Please be aware of these other scams:  
  • An email scam with the subject line "Award Winning Notification Final" has targeted Rotarians claiming that they are one of 21 winners of a promotional program held on 1 January 2012 by the Rotary Foundation. The fake promotion says winners will receive US$1 million cash payment. The email is signed by "Mr. Jerry Blake, The Promotion Manager, Rotary Foundation Int (UK), London, United Kingdom." 
  • An email scam targeting Rotarians and Rotaractors claims the recipient has won hundreds of thousands of euros through an international promotional program conducted by the "Euro-Millones Lottery". Attached to the e-mail is a PDF letter signed by "Luis Alberto, Vice President" with a photo of Past RI President Carl-Wilhelm Stenhammar.  
  • An email scam with the subject line "Dear Award Beneficiary!!!" has targeted Rotarians claiming the recipient has won US$500,000 and two HP laptops from RI. The email asks for contact information and is signed by "Mrs. Sarah Olic, Programme Co-ordinator, Rotary International". 

RI encourages Rotarians and Rotary clubs to avoid becoming victims of such scams by deleting any e-mail that appears suspicious. 

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