Monday, October 29, 2012

Thinking outside the square - a great profile booster

What to do with previous editions of Rotary Down Under Magazines

On Saturday October 27 Otaki Rotary in partnership with the Otaki Village Promotions Group took part in an Otaki Community Groups Expo. Held in the newly upgraded Main St the expo which was supported by 12 groups from the Scouts through to Age Concern generated a carnival like atmosphere and attracted a lot of interest from local residents.
Otaki Rotary PR committee members Chris Dungan and Marilyn Stevens assisted by District 9940 Shelter Box Co-ordinator Warren Irving set up a Shelter Box Tent and a general Rotary display. As Marilyn said “ we took some of the banners in the Rotary International PR DVD down to the local print shop got them blown up to about 1.2 meters long, laminated them and used them as background material around the display area. This DVD is a fantastic resource.”
“I’m not sure we got any new members immediately” said Chris “but we certainly raised people’s awareness of what Rotary does locally and overseas” and “yes madam, Rotary isn’t just for men, we do have women members, please take one of these brochures and a recent magazine”   

The PR Kit for this year is about to be released to Zone 7b Clubs this week!