Thursday, November 1, 2012

Public Image Kits out and about

Click on the image to see the contents of this great resource
Public Image Media Kits have been couriered to each district PR Chair in Zone 7b and are to be passed onto the AGs. The courier pack contains 2 disks for each club, 1 disk for each AG and 3 disks are for each DG.
DGs are asked take the time to familiarise themselves with the disks contents and to encourage AGs to ask clubs to digitally share any items that they produce. We want to build up an extensive archive of worthwhile material, ideas and especially imagery. Clubs are to add their details and captions [who, when, what and why] with any photos. A PDF of the double sided slick is attached as well (click on the image).
For overseas readers - feel free to contact RPIC Howard Tong with more details. Just add a comment to this post.