Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Resting up before another full year!

With the new year there is the opportunity for those in the southern hemisphere to take some holiday time.  Around our cities and coastlines the Pohutakawa tree (our very own 'Christmas tree') blooms and reminds us all of hot weather (hopefully) and the opportunity to settle down with a good book, spend time with family and to enjoy a time of rest and recreation.
For Rotarians in our part of the world we also close for holiday period and for my Club we do not return to our regular meetings until 16 January.  The final 6 months of the Rotary year has all the Clubs looking at their goals and striving to complete their projects and meet their goals for giving to the Foundation and to other causes.
As for Public Image initiatives, Zone 7b here in New Zealand and South Pacific will be working to promote our organisation to the public in February/March.  As well as a media programme supported by Public Image grants from Rotary International, there will also be significant profile raising activities conducted within each District.  Project Days on or around 23 February will provide an opportunity to let the public see what they can be involved in as a member of Rotary. 
It has been so good t receive the good wishes of so many international friends.  Meanwhile I think I'll put my feet up for one more day before returning to work.  I'll watch a bit of cricket (NZ versus South Africa) a touch of the NZ Tennis Open and complete 'one or two' soduku!!  A great time of the year.