Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Self Help is at our fingertips

Top 10 Good Tech Habits Everyone Should HaveIn Rotary, more and more communication and information is done now "on line".
We are in a revolutionary period (when aren't we?) and the speed of change and the myriad of ways we interact with technology are rapidly accelerating.

So let's take control!

If you don't know how to do someting and want to learn - use Google.

A recent web site I came across (http://lifehacker.com) asked:  "Have you ever wondered how 'tech geeks' know everything?"  Well here's their secret: they pretty much just Google everything. 

With the right Google skills, you can find information about nearly any tech problem (and I read 'any question a Rotarian has on how to use'), and find the answer yourself without anyone else's help.

Check out their top 10 tricks for speeding up and beefing up your Google searches to become a search expert.

The way we are reaching the 'new generation' of Rotarians is via the internet - so roll up your sleeves and get into 'self help.