Sunday, February 10, 2013

ROMAC - changing lives.

When I see the impact of our programmes on the lives of people and especially connected with children, my emotions are stirred, my compassion for others less fortunate is increased and I 'know why' I belong to Rotary!
The question is, am I alone?  No.
Another question is, do others have the same feelings? Yes.
But the real question is, are we 'out there' with our outreaching public image programmes and our communications, so others know more of what we do and why we do it?  I would also answer, not enough.

Read on and distribute to others who you believe have the compassion for the restoration of human dignity and wishing to also help.

A fellow Rotarian sent this to me:
"Your awesome inter-District Rotary programme, ROMAC is to feature again on TV ONE next Wed, 13th Feb at 7.30pm on the UNSUNG HEROES series (it also featured on 9th January in case you didn't happen to get my previous email or see the programme).

To get maximum publicity for ROMAC and Rotary, you are asked to forward this news on to your friends, families, work colleagues - this is an opportunity to spread the word about Rotary AT NO COST  and little effort.  Incidentally, we received a number of donations directly after the programme last month.

Also, if you didn't see the 9th Jan episode, you can still do so by going to TVNZ ON DEMAND (  When you open the TVNZ ON DEMAND link you'll need to scroll to select the separate link to EPISODE 4 - 9th January.

You'll also be faced with a customary 30 second advertisement, followed by a 1 minute's promo for the Unsung Heroes programme, but it's worth waiting for (at least the ROMAC sections of the episode are).