Tuesday, February 5, 2013

We can all 'Pin it for Polio'!

Click and download the poster

I want to share a special public relations program we can all take part in.…

Convince your club (all Clubs can do this - come on New Zealand!) to lodge their pin orders promptly – just $300 for 300 pins with 50% donated to OUR Rotary Foundation …

Of course the venue for distribution of the pins does not have to be a railway station.  Bus stops, the main street, public functions, sporting events all offer good crowds people.

This activity raises the profile of our fight against polio, raise awareness of Rotary's activity in the community and raises funds.  People want to give to worthy causes.  Let's make out actions count on February 23rd!

The tireless Rotary Down Under office will be pleased to fill the orders promptly and return to your club in time for February 23.