Friday, April 19, 2013

Engaging youth - engaging Rotary

This week I was invited to speak at Weltec - a local tertiary institution here in Wellington. I met a group of students studying for their Bachelor of Youth Development.  They asked me to speak on the way the youth could engage with Rotary and also how Rotary engages with young people.  It was apparent that there was little or no knowledge of the existence of Rotary and even less knowledge about the numerous programmes that Rotary has specially for young people.  They showed an interest in Rotaract, our youth exchanges as well as the youth leadership programmes.
One statement at the end of the session was really interesting.  'Do Rotarians get out into the community and share their activity with other groups?'  This was a great question.  One to one communication is always a far better way to connect than through media programmes aimed at a general audience.

Leading the group was a young man with a great story - and his comment, after hearing our 'story' was 'I think I would like to become a member of Rotary' .

Here is his story... thanks Arden