Monday, April 8, 2013

Fighting can be fun - when there's a worthy cause

The 'Piliow Fight' was a huge success in terms of the publicity for Rotary and ROMAC.

It was a successful event - the planning and organisation, the team building (3 Rotaracters, 2 ROMAC Committee members and a marketing friend of one of them), the enjoyment of the participants and the positive feedback from all quarters.  It has been reported that this was one of the best organised events to be held in Aotea Square - Auckland, NZ.

Everyone went home happy and the stage has been set to make this an annual event.  In fact, with the resources developed this year, the ROMAC organisers believe they can run next year's event at almost no cost!!.

They will be looking to stage this elsewhere in NZ, with local Rotary and Rotaract Clubs to run it from the template developed.  So kiwi Rotarians - pencil in Sat 5th April 2014