Tuesday, April 23, 2013

World’s Biggest Commercial update

Currently, there are 15, 687 participants worldwide participating in the fight to end polio in the World’s Biggest Commercial. As of 19 April, there are 144 countries participating in the commercial and the global fight to end polio. The United States is in the lead followed closely by Portugal, Brazil, Korea and Spain.
The top five ranked countries have spent the last few weeks engaged in friendly competition as they each seek out more participants. In Brazil, Rotarians started an internet ad campaign on three of the country‘s most influential social media channels. In Korea, RPIC Kwon has been working closely with his districts to encourage participation, an effort which has led to Rotarians taking pictures at every club meeting. Portugal recently pulled ahead of Spain, largely due to an effort by Portuguese Rotarians to take pictures of passersby‘s on the streets and upload them to the World‘s Biggest Commercial.
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