Sunday, June 9, 2013

News today - what is?

Isn't it interesting to discover what makes the news today?
How often I hear the compliant from Rotarians that their news does not make the news.

The reporting of Rotarian's good work being done in their community is often not making the press story or the TV news report.
Is it because we are expecting too much?
Is it because we are not using the relationships we have with the media?
Is it because we are reporting the wrong news?
Are we just not reporting to the media?
Are we focussing on too many messages?
Is our message one which has the real focus on WHY we do what we do?
Let's think about it for one second.  
Items are submitted to the press that focus on what the rotarians are doing in the community.  
Does this give a message of - "this is us and you should join us"
Should we focus on the fact that as leaders in the community we have a drive that is motivated by a desire to do good and to see others less fortunate than ourselves have a better life. 
 This is our humanitarian work - our 6 areas of focus.
Why are we motivated?
Is this our news?  Is this what will attract others to join?
Friendship and making contact.
Fun and enjoyment while we help others?
Having a real connection with others who share the same values of integrity and honesty in our dealings with people.
Let's focus on the why.