Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Launched with a fanfare

President Trish Brown with AG Carol Green holding the
booklet and surrounded by members of Hutt City Rotary
Today the Hutt City Rotarians took time to launch the 'Communities in Action' book to the rest of the world.  Attending were those involved in the journey to transform an idea prompted by 'Humanity in Motion' booklet published previously by Rotary Down Under.  As described, there were Finders, Minders and Grinders.

Finders - who sourced the 44 projects from the 44 Clubs

Minders - who looked after the administrative matters

Grinders - who looked at and continue to look at how the 20,000 books will be sold.

Funds raised will go to the Rotary Foundation.

What a great project.  This book will increase Rotary's profile and also will inspire Rotarians to get involved in new projects.