Sunday, August 25, 2013

2 days to go - let's promote the launch

2 days to launch: highlight clubs and projects

Today, we turn the spotlight on club projects and profiles, which is fitting, because raising the visibility of the local club experience is critical to balancing our message on the new site.
Through the current website, you can post your completed service projects, including photos, a description and key metrics. There are nearly 3,000 community projects on Rotary Showcase, and more are being added every day. Here’s just one example:
showcase project

You can also share a project to Facebook friends so your circle can see the impact Rotary is having:

On the new, every club will have a profile at launch, with meeting details and location and how to get in touch with the club:

This will allow visitors who are looking to find Rotary or Rotaract clubs to get a better idea of the options in their area and connect more quickly to the clubs themselves (via district leaders).
In the future, we want to connect these two areas — club profiles and projects — so that the club profile displays projects done by the club.
We also plan to expand the club profile to allow clubs to build out their profiles on our site, adding descriptions, photos and other details that highlight their club.
showcase project2This means that on the club profile of the near future, anyone will be able to browse club profiles, see their “personality” and connect with the ones that best match their needs, whether they’re a prospective member looking to join a club, or a travelling Rotary member looking to make a club visit.
club profile1
Club members will see a dashboard view that brings together goals, impact metrics, member profiles and other key information for their club.  And club leaders will be able to update critical information through an administration view, as well as post completed projects and seek support for new ones through our new idea platform, which we’ll talk about in an upcoming post.
It’s all part of helping tell the story of Rotary at the local level, show our impact, and make it easier for prospective members and others to connect to Rotary in their community.