Saturday, August 24, 2013

3 days - Rotary Club Central is central

Three days to go!
The topic today is goal setting and Rotary Club Central. Many people should be aware of this tool already, as it helps clubs set goals for membership and service and also helps track progress against them. With the launch of the new website, Rotary Club Central takes a central (pun intended) role on the My Rotary dashboard.

Every Rotarian that logs in will see this on their dashboard and it will update nightly with the latest updates made to it during the day.
We think this visibility will be important to every member as the success of a club is not the sole responsibility of the officers, but of all members. Greater insight and transparency, plus continuity are key to long term success. This is really just the beginning as in the coming months and years we move towards providing our members key visuals that matter to them locally.

Very exciting to say the least!