Monday, August 19, 2013

8 days to - searching will be much easier

With 8 days to go for launch of the new web site.  So how are our Rotary friends in Evanston making it easier to find things.
One of the things absolutely needed is to improve the ability to find information that Rotarians need on the site. That has really meant that 3 things need to be better.
  • Navigation needs to be simpler and clearer.
  • The document centre needs to be improved.
  • Lastly, search needs to be “Google” like if possible.

RI have analysed and looked at every piece of information on the site and thought about information that people will want on the site in the future. This has led to a design of the information architecture giving a simpler and easier to use access.  The improvements are significant.
Here is an example that illustrates deeper, richer menus and navigation. This will help us get to where we need to go more efficiently.

Task navigation is a new feature where you pick your role and what you want and you are taken there. You can quickly access the most common things you are looking for.

Document Centre
This has been completely revamped.  
Information has been re-categorized, featuring the most used items and improved the ability to find less commonly used material.


Lastly, search improvements have been made with the implementation of a Google search appliance about 10 months ago. There has been huge positive feedback about this change. Now it gets even better. With the new site, users will be able to filter results even further.

Look at the search for exchange rates (a very common search item). It returns a number of results with the one wanted at the top.

All these enhancements I am sure you will agree are pretty awesome!