Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Day 7 - connecting and exchanging ideas

The ability to message and connect through Rotary.org is a powerful tool. It enables Rotarians to find others like them, and exchange ideas allowing them to do more. How would this work?

 First, you’ll be able to message other member’s on the site without sharing your personal email or contact information. Remember, we want to protect your privacy, and you share only what you choose to. Here is an example of a message I received from Howard Tong who is one of our beta testers:
Should you want to, you can then also connect with them and create that relationship that is so important to Rotary. Here is an example of what my connections look like.
So with these new tools we will make it easier for Rotarians to connect and build relationships with each other, not just virtually through the website, but also in real life.