Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Everyone has something to give

A member of my Club who has given much in the
preparation of the Bulletin each week
August is Membership Month

Everyone has something to give………….

Our goal in 2013-14 is to Engage Rotary, Change Lives.

·        It's time to recognise how much more we could be doing and start working on new ways to turn that potential into reality.

·        We're going to do this by engaging Rotarians - by getting them involved, by getting them inspired and by making sure all Rotarians know just what a gift they have in Rotary.

·        That goal is a little different from membership goals we've had in the past. The goal isn't just bringing in new members.

·        The goal is growing Rotary. The goal is making Rotary ‘bigger’, not just with more members, but with more involved, engaged, motivated members who will be the ones to lead us into our future.

·        Each of us has our own reason for joining. We all want to be doing something meaningful. That is absolutely essential for us to remember when we talk about membership.

·        We're not asking just anyone to join Rotary. We're looking to attract busy, successful, motivated people who care.

·        We're asking them to take their valuable time and give it to Rotary. So if they say yes, and they come and join our club, then we'd better be showing them that their time in Rotary is well spent.

·        In Rotary, we all have something to give. At every stage of our lives and our careers, Rotary has something for all of us - a way to let us do more, be more and give more. And the more we give through Rotary, the more Rotary gives back to us in return.

Extracted from the Bulletin  of R.C. of Bishopdale – Burnside, Christchurch N.Z.