Thursday, October 24, 2013

NZ$15,000 up for grabs!

DG Willard Martin from D9920 writes:
It gives me great pleasure to announce a new PolioPlus Challenge for Auckland-based D9920 clubs. This has only been made possible with the generous assistance of PDG Ross Craig and the Trustees of the Chenery Memorial Trust and the June Gray Charitable Trust.

These trusts have provided a $15,000 prize incentive to the three clubs that raise the most funds per capita.

Eligibility is simple!

Make your PolioPlus donations to the District Foundation Committee by 31 May 2014.
How you raise funds is up to each individual club. Remember the competition is on a per capita basis, so it doesn’t matter if you are from a large club or small; everyone has a fair chance of winning. If you’re one of the winning three clubs, you’ll receive a huge bonus which, under the Trust terms, must be spent on worthwhile New Zealand-based charities of your club’s choice.

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