Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Rotay Showcase - easy tips to help promote

Rotary Showcase allows clubs and districts to boast about the projects undertaken. Rotary Showcase has other benefits which allows countries to experience different project ideas which they could use. Showcase’s Impact Tracker includes information of the number of project volunteers, how long they spent on the project and the worth of the contributions in either cash or kind. Load your project/event via the Internet browser.

Showcase works best with Chrome, Firefox, or Safari - register your project by signing into
Rotary.org. Go to Develop Projects section of the Take Action menu. Rotary Showcase is supported Rotary languages and Google translate. You can include your project and club partners. Video your project or event and load it onto YouTube. Showcase allows you to post up to 20 photos.

Include information about the project, volunteers, the hours spent and the impact that the project had on the community. Other social media to consider is Facebook, Twitter and your district or club blog and website. Tell the world what Rotarians and Rotaractors do – use Rotary Showcase to seek sponsorship – the more the corporates see, the more they would want to be involved.

The value of showcase is shown in diagram below:

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