Friday, August 24, 2012

Partnerships - more than living together!

This week Jenny and I went to a preview of Hope Springs.  This is a movie about a marriage partnership and the need to communicate.  An older couple after 31 years of marriage were existing side by side in the same home but were not communicating.  Kaye (Meryl Streep) is keen to spice up her marriage to husband Arnold (Tommy Lee Jones) now the kids have left home.  The joyful feature of this movie is that is was one with a positive ending!
We have partnerships in Rotary and are building more.  This is because we see the mutual advantage of the relationship and can support each other.  The partnership we have with WHO in the fight against Polio.  The relationship we have developed with Mercy Ships and the good this is doing for those in need.  The partnerships many Clubs have with 'sister' clubs encourage visits, the sharing of friendship and the joining together in multi-District projects.
Yesterday I met up with two members of St Johns and we discussed each others organisation.  They knew a little about Rotary and I knew far less about St Johns.  They have a programme where they help young New Zealanders to develop first aid, health care, leadership and life skills. It is a community programme.  But at the end of their programme these young adults are looking for other avenues to continue their service and growth.  It seemed obvious that Rotaract groups would be an obvious and excellent fit in their development not to speak of the youth leadership programmes Rotary promote and lead.
We have recently partners with the New Zealand Stroke Foundation and St John's in the 'Down with Blood Pressure' campaign which literally saved lives!!
When talking and effective communication starts the win-wins becomes obvious.  So let's talk more with other community groups!! 

Oh yes, and the movie is worth a watch.