Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fun and energy down South

Mayor Tim Shadbolt - known for his
energuy and humour
This Friday Jenny and I head on down to Invercargill - a city tucked into the southern most part of New Zealand.  Mayor Tim Shadbolt is a colourful character and has done much to raise the profile of this city with his humour and energy.  Come to think of it, is this what can raise the profile of Rotary?  
The fun and humour we enjoy is contagious.  This is the very substance of the enjoyment we receive amongst like-minded people every time we meet.  And energy is only present in a group of Rotarians when they have a purpose and a focus - especially with community centered projects.
Southland here we come
It will be fun going to Institute.  It will be even greater fun meeting up with many dear friends.  Finally the energy we will gain as we meet up with our future leaders incoming RI President Ron Burton will be not only enjoyable, but will also raise the profile of Rotary in New Zealand.

Public Image presentations will be made at both Institute and Governor Elect Training sessions.