Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's time we got off our 'ask'

I have often used this phrase when addressing Rotarians.
How often we fail to invite friends and contacts to join Rotary because we just don't 'ask'!  There are various excuses or 'reasons' for this.  Some claim those people they could approach are 'too busy' or would 'struggle financially' in meeting the cost of joining or are possibly not willing to meet the requirement to attend meetings on a regular basis.
It makes me look at least 10 years older!!!
My simple response to these reasons is - just invite them any way and let them make up their own mind!  They could, in fact, be waiting to be asked.
The other reason I believe is that many Rotarians lack the confidence to ask because their knowledge of Rotary is limited to their own Club.  There is a real need to 'market Rotary internally' to our members so they develop a pride and in turn a confidence to approach others about our wonderful international organisation.  

And on top of all this how often are we guilty in not practicing what we preach!

This month I have supported the international 'Movember' campaign to raise awareness in the promotion of men's health and the need for regular checks.  I have ASKED a few to support me and then thought, with it being such a worthy international cause, I would ask my Blog readers.  So - if interested, please follow the link below and place what ever small amount and in what ever currency into my fund - it all is going to support on-going research and to ensure men look after their health and live longer, productive  lives.

Donate here ...

There we go - I've asked and I leave you to decide to support the cause.