Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Roll out the red carpet for good times

Well the day has arrived.  Wellington is on centre stage in the film industry as the world premier of 'The Hobbit' is staged in the capital city.  The stars will be walking down an ernormously long red carpet in front of thousands of curious and also many ardent fans of Tolkein.
The build up in the city has been well timed.  The city has had a spruce up and is looking a treat. The weather is cooperating and this morning the sun is shining on the "Middle of Middle Earth".
Rolling out the carpet in the Wellington streets
last night
Rotarians are involved in running cocktail events which will feature some of the people involved in the production.  Television is hoping on the band wagon and is having all day coverage including a Breakfast session where they will be visiting 'Weta Workshops' in Miramar.
And why the hype, why the celebration we might ask?  Is it the story, is it the glamour or is it the novelty of a world premier?  Is it because of who is involved or are the 100,000 expected crowd just proud New Zealander's celebrating something good.  I believe it is all of these and to be absolutely honest I believe the general public is clutching on to something that is positive ad good in a year when we have seen so much doom and gloom economically, international conflict has been across the papers and the messages from the media have invariably focused on the bad and sensational. 
So good on you Sir Peter Jackson and crew for the positive feeling you are giving thousands today and for the enjoyment millions will received when the view the movie.
Gollum at Wellington Airport
We need more good in the world.