Thursday, November 29, 2012

The 'read' or the 'buzz' makes The Hobbit fly?

The enjoyment of fans
Yesterday was a great day for New Zealand, for the promotion of 'The Hobbit' and for proud fans.
You could not buy this type of advertising as the public all waited, squealed and applauded as their stars walked the red carpet.

Question - why were people attracted to this event - was it just the story?  It is a 'good read'.

A good read
Or were they attracted to the 'occasion' - wanting to be part of the fun, to experience the enjoyment, the hype, the glamour and the buzz?  

As we market Rotary I believe we need to focus on what Rotary does to motivate individuals to serve others ('the buzz') and not just promote our achievements and who we are ('the good read')

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