Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New team - fresh vision

Attentive participants at D9980 PETS
This is the time when Rotarians around the world gather the future leaders of Clubs into sessions for training.  This is a great time to re focus and for the incoming Presidents to learn of the support they have access to in their Club.  Public Image Coordinators around the world are reporting how their knowledge is being used to inform and energise Rotarians.  I have recently returned from Cromwell - a beautiful venue in the heart of Central Otago (New Zealand) in the 'Lord of the Rings' middle earth zone.
Beautiful Cromwell - Lake Dunstan
Golum was watching us at
Wellington airport
Spectacular views were a wonderful setting for our weekend where DGE Gary Williams laid out his plans for the year and we focused on building stronger clubs, enhancing public image and increasing our humanitarian service.  The incoming Presidents, along with the Assistant Governors not only discussed and planned, but also enjoyed a great social weekend.  We even has a 'wine, juice, milk and beer tasting' event - so there was something for everyone!!  Partners also joined in - Jenny came with me and did do the odd spot of shopping!!