Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Our hearts go out to our Pacific community

Following the devastation of Cyclone Evan there is now the risk of disease in Samoa as they struggle to recover.
David Wilson is a passionate Rotarian who works tirelessly to raise the profile for Emergency Response  Kits which are being used to help the pacific island families return to some form of normality.  He writes:

"This Emergency Response Kit Project our RC of Eastern Hutt started as the Emergency Box way back in 1983 is still very much alive, needed & appreciated by the many recipients after disasters in the Pacific Islands as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade through NZ Aid who has been a major sponsor.
You will be pleased to learn that our RC of Eastern Hutt has now donated a total of $ 4800 for 8 ERK's this Rotary year to date.. 
As well to help those who have just been effected with "Cyclone Evan" in Samoa & Fiji the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade have announced today December 18, 2012 transfer of $ 100,000 to RNZWCS Ltd for replenishment of Emergency Response Kit Stocks. "

Visit www.rnzwcs.org for more details and to donate towards the relief effort in Samoa and Fiji