Monday, December 3, 2012

Wellington PI 'think tank' in harmony!

The multi District communications committee
along with incoming Governors who met in Wellington
Governor Graeme Blick (centre) of the hosting District 9940
attended the morning session
Yesterday the Public Image chairs of the 6 Districts of New Zealand and the Pacific Islands along with Governor Graeme and the 6 incoming DG Elects plus other Rotary leaders met in Wellington.  We discussed a range of topics including the current media campaign, the form of the 2013/14 PI Grant application and also a number of areas for action.  We set up a committee to finalise the strategic plan, formed a working group on developing a digital strategy and had a report back on the review of the multi District web site options.  District reports revealed a variety of excellent media events which are a good spring board for an even greater promotion of Rotary in the months to come.  We confirmed our objectives of increasing peoples awareness of the opportunity to serve the community through their local Rotary Club.  A new television commercial story board was presented that will reflect a new emphasis on the leadership of Rotary in the community.  We have a great 'think tank' where ideas flowed, people put their hands up to take responsibility for the various aspects of action and now we need to keep that momentum going.  A great group  and a great day.