Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A wonderful world-wide effort

Thanks to everyone who voted.  These 'charity miles' from United Airlines will be put to good use!
As Rotary came in second place we were awarded 2,501,338 miles - a great show of working together and using social media!

Last year we received 2.5 Million Miles.  The Rotary miles both donated by members and won as part of the United Airlines promotion were principally used for both inbound and outbound medical programs that have saved many children's lives. These programs are mostly administered by clubs and districts that source the mileage donations for specific programs. Other uses include the list below which was recently furnished to United to allow us to qualify for the 10 Million Miles promotion that will be conducted again this holiday season. Those uses include,

Rotary has and will continue to use donated miles from the United Airlines 10 Million Mile Holiday Campaign to support critical international humanitarian projects. For example, Rotary:

a.    Provides transportation for Gift of Life surgical teams. Last year, teams traveled to Haiti and El Salvador where volunteer doctors and nurses from the U.S. performed life-saving heart surgery on many children and provided important training for local doctors. This is an ongoing need.

b.    Transports Iraqi children with birth defects to U.S. hospitals for treatment they would not be able to receive at home, another ongoing need.

c.    Sends volunteers to help immunize children during National Immunization Days. Three polio-endemic countries remain: Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Pakistan. Countries at risk for polio importation also require immunization campaigns.

d.    Provides airfare for financially disadvantaged Rotary youth exchange students to live and study overseas for a school year. Rotary fosters international goodwill by enabling 8,000 secondary school students to study abroad in 80 countries around the world.

Funds speaker travel for international peace conferences. During 2012 and 2013, the Rotary International president is holding a series of peace conferences in Germany, Japan, and the United States.

Here is the text of a story that was runabout the program on the web this last spring. 

Finally, rest assured no miles have been used nor will be used to transport staff or volunteer leaders to perform any business function for the association.