Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Latest update on Public Image initiatives

Public image and awareness goals are focused on enhancing brand image and publicizing our strengths — our core values, our humanitarian and vocational service — both locally and internationally. Strengthening Rotary’s brand is a critical project.
Our brand is not the Rotary wheel or our motto: Our brand is who we are, what Rotary does, and why it matters. Guided by a committee of senior leaders, this initiative supports Rotary’s goals by building on Rotary’s strengths: service, personal connections, leadership, and community and global impact.
Rotary’s website provides important news and information, and it is where many newcomers
first encounter Rotary. To make this crucial communication channel more effective, www.rotary.org is being redesigned. The new website will provide a balanced view of Rotary, furnish the different kinds of information the public and members need, and serve those with local and global interests.
Rotary public image coordinators offer support and guidance to help districts with public relations and communications efforts. Funding for Public Image Grants increased in 2010, and multiyear PI grant applications rose by 21 percent between 2011 and 2012. The PI grants program has proved to have a tremendous return on investment: For every dollar awarded, Rotary receives over $3 in value from contributions and in-kind donations.