Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rotary Down Under New Zealand and Pacific Islands

In case you missed PDG Beryl Robinson's comment in my previous posting here it is.

An edition of this great mag from 2012.
Rotary Magazines, including the Rotary Down Under magazine, enables RI to distribute its message throughout the world. The magazines include the President's Message, material from Rotary Insider, and special features promoting the RI theme, Rotary and Rotary Foundation programs, and the international convention. Though the publications help promote RI’s mission, each magazine retains its individual identity, national flavor, and editorial freedom.

Rotary Down Under very much has the goal of promoting the Rotary brand as described above (the previous post). The stories of successful projects and events told through articles and pictures contribute significantly to promoting the Rotary brand, with direct benefits back to the clubs and projects that, taking pride in their accomplishment, have provided this to media for publishing. The wider the distribution of such articles the better.

When clubs and projects send articles to media it is as simple as adding the email to the email’s CC. line to get these to Rotary Down Under for inclusion in the Rotary success stories blog at and for consideration for the magazine. Likewise, contributions sent to Rotary Down Under are always replied to with a list of suggestions for wider leveraging of the publicity opportunity these represent.