Thursday, January 24, 2013

We can do better this year!

January is Rotary Awareness month but ironically, January is also the month when NZ Rotarians think least about Rotary.  They are generally away ‘at the beach’, and clubs typically don’t meet until the second half of the month.

Perhaps that explains why RI doesn’t have a theme for the month of July, when northern hemisphere cultures take their ‘summer break’. If this is the reason, then RI should think about moving Rotary Awareness month so that it isn’t ‘lost’ to southern hemisphere Rotarians.

Regarding Rotary Awareness, the most important thing that we can do is to make our local community thoroughly aware of the good we do. If every club did that, then Rotary would be thoroughly well known everywhere.  If we did that then more people might be interested in joining us.

So, thinking back over last year, how did you contribute to helping our community understand the good things our club does?
Participating in projects is part of it, but is that the limit of our imagination?
Did you “leave it to someone else”?
Can you do better this year?