Friday, March 29, 2013

Walking for Water gives young people a cause

Fun was had by all at the Walk for Water event.

DG Lindsay Ford reporting:

District 9910 held a 'Walk for Water' event recently in Auckland, New Zealand.  It was a promotional event in partnership with UNITEC University, celebrating World Water Day. Participants walked about 6 kilometres and also carried 6 litres of water.  They then emptied the water into a tank on arrival at their destination, to be aware in some small way what is a regular daily occurance for millions of people in many countries around the world.

There were many water related activities with competitive games and events.  It was a fantastic FUN day attended by many young people, volunteers and others interested people from our community, including people with disabilities.

The message of "Clean Water Saves Lives" was the focus.  The money raised will be used for water and sanitisation projects in Vanuatu.  These Projects will be identified by our UNITEC University partners who have a  funding grant from AUSAID to identify and recommend these projects.