Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How do we see ourselves?

All Rotarians should experience an International Convention   I know I was so impressed when I attended my first District Conference.  And then I had the opportunity to meet up with my Australian colleagues at Institute when I was training to be Governor.  Finally Jenny and I made our way to San Diego for International Assembly and were absolutely amazed at the true international spread of Rotary in the world.  Then we decided we would get to New Orleans fore the International Convention.  Wow!!

The image I gained I hold dear to my heart - I still vividly remember seeing a group of close to 200 Youth Exchange people who had gathered from all corners of the globe and were having heaps of fun and singing "Good Morning America, how are ya!".

Hoping to see you at Lisbon in June, and if that is not possible why not come 'down under' in 2014 to Sydney, Australia.