Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Youth Service brings vitality to Rotary - thanks 9970 RYLA

RYLA is a great opportunity for Rotary to engage with ‘Youth Service’ the now renamed Fifth Avenue of Service, New Generations having been dropped by the 2013 CoL.
Stef Banbury, one of the three people sponsored by Christchurch Sunrise Rotary on the D9970 RYLA course and an employee of Canterbury Television (CTV), has put these clips together to record the events that occurred.
The course with 43 attendees from throughout the District, was held at College House one of the Halls of Residence associated with Canterbury University in late January 2013 and was run on behalf of the District by the Sunrise Club.
A number of the attendees, aged between 18-24 are in employment, with a relatively even spilt in gender. A number have committed to becoming further involved in their communities with a strong base in Christchurch interested in developing and forming into a Rotaract group. 
Tomorrow you will see the second clip!