Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A fresh lick of paint

How it originally looked
Do you have a project that has been effective in the past but the shine has been lost?
The project is perhaps not as effective as it could be?
The potential is not being captured?
Rotarians at the recent re-lunch of the piano
A local artist (Ambassadorial Scholar Kaitlan Vadler) makes the final touches

Then perhaps your project or public image activity needs a fresh lick of paint!
That is exactly what the group of Rotarians from Port Nicholson in Wellington recently did.

A community piano sits in a local harbour-side cafe  and is wheeled out onto the waterfront for public to 'busk'.  It generates a great feeling of community as thousands stroll round the harbour in the weekends.  It is hard for piano players to busk and this makes it real easy.

The initial piano was in the traditional varnish 'dress' and it was decided to increase impact and fun by decorating it.  There is a donation box on the side where public can contribute to community work.  Well done Rotarians for being creative.

Wow - what a difference as you can see.

Makes you think doesn't it?  Amazing what a fresh lick of paint can do for a public image project.