Thursday, July 4, 2013

Striking image gives high profile

We connect leaders.  I met Merv at the Lisbon Convention.

Yesterday he sent me a note:  

'We in Ottawa have a large free standing clock in a busy commercial area of Ottawa with one of our members tasked to ensure it is always telling the right time!! It is known throughout the area as the "Rotary Clock" and we generate great PR. Our club is the largest (93 and growing!) of 7 clubs in the city of Ottawa. However I was blown away by the magnificent stature I came across at a roundabout in the small Portuguese town of Evora as we were visiting the walled Moor city. Attached  are some photos we took which says it all!'

Merv Letts
Rotary Club of West Ottawa
Ottawa, Canada

A fitting image of Rotary's work in the community.