Monday, November 18, 2013

Philippines - Rotarians active in support

UPDATE as at Thursday 21 November.

250 Emergency Response Kits (ERKs) have been offered if we get a request from District 3860 either direct or via Australia.

Rotary New Zealand World Community Service Ltd (RNZWCS) have been in touch with Aqua Box (Australian equivalent of ERKs) and they, like Disaster Aid Australia, are also in contact and will respond to a request.

RNZWCS have an agreement with Aqua Box that we will back them up and vice versa if we exhaust supplies when cyclones hit our Pacific neighbours.

RNZWCS is running an appeal through the website for immediate response. NZ District Governors are asked to pass on to clubs to support. Funds collected will be directed to the D3860 region. You are encouraged to seek funds for the general disaster relief appeal.  

Rotary New Zealand responded to MFAT for a specific request that came last Wednesday for tents. Due to a very generous donation from an Auckland supplier, we had 6 pallet loads of gear (three roomed tents valued at $110,000) on Thursday’s Air Force flight in Rotary’s name.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) are aware that:
Rotary also has another 330 tents available from the same source.
Rotary also has a significant supply of donated Medical Consumables in Chch.
### Cash donations will be used for:
First phase emergency response, distributing food, water, clothing, blankets and medicines. The second will move to include low budget temporary shelters made of locally sourced materials. Third phase will be to build more permanent housing structures, repair school infrastructure e.g. classrooms, provide school supplies and improve livelihoods.

Please promote our appeal to Rotarians and the general public.

If you want to make a donation through Rotary New Zealand, go to:


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