Thursday, January 9, 2014

Brand Center about to go-live!

Here is a great facility that will empower Rotarians around the world to strengthen Rotary by improving the way we deliver our Rotary story to the public.

Beta testing of the new brand center has been completed earlier this month. Overall impressions are very positive.

RI sought feedback from more than a hundred stakeholders.  Action is being taken to continue to improve the functionality of the brand center.

This was created using the template accessible when
visiting the newly release Brand Canter

Note that the initial beta release will occur on Friday 10 January (US time).

The focus is on continuing to improve the brand center. You are encouraged to explore the brand center and to provide feedback.

So from 10 January, log into My Rotary and visit take a look at what it has to offer so far. The beta version of the brand center will be released in eight languages.  RI will continue to develop and improve this resource throughout the year. Additional comments or suggestions can be sent to

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