Sunday, January 5, 2014

A New Year of possibilities

Wow - can you believe it - 2014 already.  It will another wonderful year of opportunity and one where we can serve others through our membership in Rotary.   Our focus in the posts to this blog are on programmes and initiatives that are used to strengthen Rotary's image on the community.  If you have contributions you wish to make, please advise and we can post them for others to read.  Better still get others to follow the blog so they can receive emails when new information is posted.

Rotary International continue to focus on improving the online tools available for use - making it easier to quickly reference resources through My Rotary.  Let your Club know of this upcoming release of the "brandcenter"

Strengthening Rotary initiative

The Strengthening Rotary initiative helps us tell Rotary's story in a clear and compelling way. By providing a consistent image of what Rotary stands for and how we differ from other charitable organizations, we can engage prospective members, donors, and volunteers in our work to improve communities around the world.

Coming soon: Brand Center

In January you'll find everything you need to strengthen Rotary's image in our new brand center. You will be able to download Rotary's logo – or create your own club or district logo. Plus you'll find templates to help you customize brochures and newsletters, PowerPoint presentations, and event fliers to reflect Rotary's new look.
Check back in January to find these materials and more (sign-in required):
  • Logos
  • Editable templates for brochures, presentations, and more
  • Ads
  • Images and video
  • Guidelines

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