Saturday, January 18, 2014

Short and sweet - and you!

Cooked up by two Rotarians on opposite sides of the globe, PDG Mukesh Malhotra in D1140 London UK and Susanne Rea in D9550 Cairns Australia, the meal is a way to unite Rotarians in a common cause while making a difference by raising funds to End Polio.
Rotarians, friends of Rotary, Rotaractors, Interactors, Inner Wheel, Probus, anyone and everyone are being asked to hold a meal and at the same time raise funds for End Polio Now.

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This is a clear summary of the event for your information and I ask that you please pass on to your District.

  • A simple event - does not need a lot of organising.
  • A coin collection at a Club 'meal'
  • A pot luck 'meal' at a Rotarian's home - with a donation
  • Reducing the weekly 'meal' to a cheaper option and donating the difference
  • A 'meal, with the President at their home
  • A BBQ 'meal' with a donation

Ii does not need to happen at the week of 23 Feb - some events have already taken place

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