Sunday, September 16, 2012

Connection - knowing the good we do!

As Rotarians, do we know what wonderful work that is being done in our own backyard?
Is it being communicated?  Are we receiving information and passing it on?

The advantages are so great:
  • Increased knowledge of Rotary's work
  • Increased sense of the importance of our world wide work serving others
  • Providing another reason to invite others to join the efforts to make this world a better place
  • Increasing the involvement of members n the work towards a more peaceful world

Let's communicate more effectively.  Let's connect!

Water projects seeking sponsors…
Rotary NZ regularly receives requests from Tanzanian Rotary clubs seeking support for installation of rainwater harvesting systems in schools and communities. The projects are managed by local Rotary clubs who have partnered with many New Zealand Rotary clubs over the past 15 years. Stuart Batty would be pleased to hear from any club or Rotarian wishing to sponsor such vital projects. Non-Rotarians are also contributing to a number of these projects through donations to Rotary New Zealand.